Sunday, February 14, 2010


I believe a good blog, like a good book should start off with acknowledgements.

My thanks to all the usual suspects who will, patiently or impatiently -- depending on the day -- provide me with learning opportunities and tiny nuggets of wisdom that I can use to make myself a better mom and wife. I love my husband and kids unconditionally and regardless of the way my day is going or my mood, I know that God has given me the right family for me and I am forever thankful.

Furthermore, in said learning process, I am and will be doing plenty of research. I will be acknowledging the sources of the information I post as I post it.

I would also like to thank my baby, born into Jesus' arms January 21, 2010 for forcing me to look past the norm, analyze why the norm is the way it is, and see that , despite how comfortable the norm is, there can be better paths to take.

So, welcome to my exciting journey to supermomdom, that mythical place where we will always know what our kids are thinking and how to best guide, feed, correct, love and raise them. Its going to be a great adventure!

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