Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project 365

Well, I was going to do Project 365, but I'm just too private. I don't want to post pictures of my kids on the internet and they are the significant part of my life that I would want to photograph daily. Then I thought, I'll just do a written portrait daily, kind of like the reverse of a picture is worth a thousand words. Yesterday, I did "A Portrait of A Day in My Life," but didn't feel comfortable posting my schedule on the internet. It just skeeved me. In my mind, it would have been the equivalent to posting a "how to stalk me" post. Yeah, I have watched far too many crime shows. . . So I guess the truth is I'm just too private to do a Project 365. If any of you haven't heard of Project 365, check out the link I've attached to "Project 365" everywhere its typed out in this post. Its a really neat idea of a visual daily diary entry to catalog the things that make your daily life special and unique and the things that you'll want to remember but otherwise might not without the photo diary and it has inspired me to take more pictures. I'm just not comfortable enough to share them online. I'm not sure I ever would be comfortable enough, but especially being in the middle of a divorce. . . I'm just afraid my husband will try to use anything he can against me, so I'm just not giving him any ammunition if I can avoid it.

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