Saturday, June 12, 2010

The truth about high fructose corn syrup (and why we should avoid it)

There are 3 ads that are on TV regarding HFCS and why its "not so bad" its "made from corn", "doesn't have artificial ingredients", "has the same calories as sugar" and "is good in moderation". ( Ad 1, 2, and 3). Of course, this is the same concept as the tobacco industry stating that nicotine isn't addictive and captain morgan encouraging you to drink "but only in moderation". . . Some things, like alcohol and HFCS and smoking are just plain hard to do in moderation. They are addictive and they are bad for you. Sure, you might not feel the negative impact of consuming these products IF you only use them in moderation, but they all lead to slippery slopes that its hard to stop sliding down once you've started your journey.

So what's so bad about HFCS? Well, if I was in that commercial, you would have heard me say that its made from corn. Yes, I realise that that's one of their "good" things about it. But its made from genetically modified corn, which research has shown can cause organ failure. Logically, if something can cause organ failure and you process it, it can still cause organ failure. My second reason that its bad is that studies have shown that almost half of tested samples of commercial HFCS contain mercury, which is toxic in all forms according to an article in the Washington Post. It does go on to say that mercury free HFCS ingredients do exist, but there is no way to tell when looking at the label if the HFCS in the product you are considering buying contains mercury or not. Too bad I wasn't in the commercial, huh? Course, then the Corn Refiner's Association, probably wouldn't want to put it on TV. . . But if there's any association out there against the consumption of mercury, I would be happy to be in your commercial. . .


  1. Ugh, I just saw these commercials the other day and thought "Are you kidding me?" Moderation?'s pretty much in EVERYTHING you can find at a grocery store.

  2. It would be so funny if someone made a spoof off those commercials -- a pro-mercury commercial, saying that its "ok in moderation." And I agree with you. Its crazy how many products have HFCS in them. I mean, what do they think it adds to the food besides that it makes them more addictive? You'd think it would be cheaper to just leave it out. One less ingredient to pay for. But I guess that's just me. . .