Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Got MY BNC Order In. . . Did You Get Yours?

I finally decided what to order. I ordered 4 miracleans (and got one free for a total of 5), 1 minty window wash, 2 citrus toilet sprays, 3 hardwood floor cleaners and a spray air deodorizer.

If anyone's interested in ordering, the coop is open for orders until 4/22 and it has reached the highest discount level of 30% off retail plus a free miraclean ($8 retail value). So get those orders in before the coop closes. It'll probably be another 6 months before the next coop.


  1. I have her items from a previous coop and her hard wood floor cleaner is AWESOME! Seriously the best thing I've ever used; I'd get more than 3 because you'll actually want to mop your floor after using this stuff LOL!
    sara http://myfrugalfunlife.blogspot.com/