Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let Me Sit With My Baby

Let me sit with my baby
And play for a while,
And forget all
my unfinished work
with a smile,
For every tomorrow
holds work to be done,
But lullaby moments
and peek-a-boo fun
Are life's tender treasures
meant just for today,
For babies grow up. . .
and the years
slip away.

I love that poem. I had it on a picture that I hung on the wall, but somehow in the move from my sister's house to our first real house, it got stuck in the garage, somehow got wet, and got moldy. So sadly I was forced to throw it away today, but I just couldn't do it until I put the poem somewhere where I could read it whenever I wanted to. And hopefully someone beside me will enjoy it as well.

1 comment:

  1. i have that poem hanging as well in my office. Ive said it to my son nearly every night since he was born.. 11 yrs. ive searched for another copy but alas cant find one. if anyone sees it please let me know