Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cleanliness is next to Godliness?

I have recently decided to read my Bible cover to cover. I had started reading in the New Testament and was going to read the entire New Testament and then read the Old Testament because the New Testament seems easier to understand. And then I went to Secret Church. And found out that Secret Church has online media resources allowing me to watch all the old Secret Church sessions. And then I watched the Old Testament session of Secret Church, thinking "Well, if I watch that, I won't have to read the Old Testament because that will teach me all I need to know about the Old Testament. . ." and instead, it made me want to read the Old Testament. The best laid plans LOL. . .

So I started at the beginning and I'm in Leviticus now and I'm of the opinion that the catch phrase "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" originated from the book of Leviticus. See, Leviticus is all about the guidelines the Israelites were given at that time period, what made them unclean, how to reattain cleanliness, and why it was bad to be "unclean". If you were "unclean" you could not go into the temple. You could not be in the presence of the Lord. If you were unclean and went in the presence of the Lord, you would die. You had to be clean to be next to God. So in the book of Leviticus, cleanliness was quite literally next to Godliness.

I highly recommend you check out Secret Church. It is a phenomenal resource in my quest to continuously learn more about God. If you have never heard of Secret Church, that's partially my fault as I have been meaning to blog about it for a couple months now and just haven't gotten around to it. You can all thank my cousin, Beth, for reminding me to blog. Its sad that I needed the reminder, but I did.

I attended Secret Church telecast session at FBCW this April. Secret Church is a in depth Bible Study. It lasts 6 hours, during which time the study is focused on persecution in a specific area of the world as well as a specific topic in scripture. Previous topics covered are "Survey of the Old Testament", "Survey of the New Testament", "How to Study the Bible", "Who is God?", "Exploring the Holy Spirit", "The Cross of Christ", "Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare", "The Gospel, Possessions and Prosperity", "The Body of Christ", and "Crucifixion, Salvation and the Glory of God", which is the session I attended.

Secret Church sessions are held with the intention that those of us who attend or watch online will take what we learn and teach it to others, which is the intention of secret churches all over the world. The only difference is, we are blessed to live in a country where we are not persecuted for gathering together to learn about God.

I am so glad I attended in April and I hope to be at the next session in November. And between now and then, I hope to make it through all the other sessions. I have watched the Survey of the Old Testament and started to watch the Survey of the New Testament, got about halfway through and decided I really wanted to read through the Old Testament before going any further, so hopefully I will also have finished reading through my Bible cover to cover by the November session as well. I am really looking forward to being at the next session and learning more about God through his Word. Check out Secret Church yourself, watch a couple sessions and you'll see why I'm so excited about it. Happy Bible reading :)

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