Monday, June 27, 2011

Shrek Forever After

What a mess I am, that a child's movie upsets me, but I guess the adult version (Its A Wonderful Life) would, too, at this point. Since men wishing they had never been born due to the pressures of having a family to provide for and life becoming "routine" has been a movie topic since at least 1946, then it must have been a societal issue for at least that long, but its just become one for me. I used to laugh at my mom crying while she watched Its A Wonderful Life, but I almost cried watching Shrek Forever After and that is so much sadder in my opinion. I mean, who cries at a cartoon?

I guess we all come to a point in our life when we wonder why and how people could do what they do. And I'm there now. I wonder why anyone would ever abandon their children and how they could walk away and never look back. I wonder how long greener pastures seem greener and how they could seem greener when you have to leave what is yours behind to try to take something you've already given up.

I'm sad, but that's nothing compared to what my children feel. In their eyes, even if he was an ugly color, he's a color that's no longer in their world and its a empty spot. And anything that reminds them of that color has the capability to make them sad. And I can't do anything to fix it. I never wanted this to happen and I don't ever want him back in my life, but I wish he was in theirs because at least then they would not have that lack.

I know God is omniscient and I know he loves me and my children and wants what's best for us. So I know there is a reason for him to be gone from their lives. But its still hard. And apparently makes me apt to cry at cartoons.

My PSA for today goes out to all males. Please do not start a family unless you want it for the rest of your life. Please do not give up when it gets tedious and routine and stressful and hard. If you do anything for an extended period of time, there will be hard times and if you give up, you miss out on all the good times that will come when you get through the hard times. And you leave your family vulnerable and hurting while you chase elusive and nonexistent greener pastures. And one day you may regret it. Bottom line -- this ain't no fairy tale. You don't get 24 hours to do what you will and then you can change your mind and say the magic words and its like it never happened. There will be pivotal moments in your lives and your decisions at that point will not just affect you, but everyone around you. If you have a family who loves you, good friends, a good job and a promising future, please do not abandon that. Please do not quit. Please. The world needs more men that stick around, not more little boys that chase their own selfish whims. Thanks to all the males who are men. This world does not have enough men. And way too many boys that refuse to grow up.

Stepping off my soap box now. Have a lovely day :)

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