Monday, March 15, 2010

Homemade Taco Seasoning Recipe

Unfortunately, the Under 1000 Per Month blog is no longer an active blog. Fortunately, Emily has been kind enough to make her blog read only so that we can still access her recipes and other posts. On the off chance that its removed again, I am going to post some of her recipes (the ones I personally want to try) in my blog.

This recipe is for the amount of spices necessary to sesason 1 pound of ground beef. Since we eat venison and our venison is packaged in 1.5 pound packages, we will simply multiply it by 1.5. The amounts our family will use will be in parenthesis with the original amounts out of parenthesis.

For 1 lb of ground beef (1.5 lbs of ground venison)
1 (1.5) TBSP chopped onion
2 (3) TSP chili powder
1 (1.5) TSP garlic
1/2 (3/4) TSP cayenne pepper or hot paprika
1 (1.5) TSP cumin

You can use fresh garlic and onions or leftover spices in your spice rack, whichever you have on hand. Add to meat and cook until browned (or until onions are soft if using fresh onions, whichever happens last). We're going to try this recipe the next time we make mexican (which will be sometime this week) since I forgot to buy some taco seasoning at the store. . . Neccessity being the mother of invention and all that.

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