Saturday, March 27, 2010

A MSG and GMO free alternative to cream of chicken soup

After seeing a thread on Diaperswappers regarding making your own cream-of- soups to replace the MSG and GMO loaded canned varieties you can find at the stores (or the much more expensive organic alternatives).

2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp flour (I use King Arthur brand because they do not use GMOs and are publically committed to a goal of not using GMO ingredients in the future as well.)
1 cup milk (or chicken broth if making cream of chicken)
1 tsp salt

optional: add 2-4 tbsp minced/pureed chicken for cream of chicken, 2-4 tbsp minced/pureed onion for cream of onion, 2-4 tbsp minced/pureed celery for cream of celery or 2-4 tbsp mushroom for cream of mushroom. You can also add 2-4 tbsp of other veggies/flavorings to make a different cream-of soup.

melt butter over med heat
sautee veggies or chicken
wisk in flour until smoothe (no dry flour or lumps)
wisk in broth/milk
stir until comes to a simmer and thickens
turn heat down and simmer 1 minute to ensure that the flour is cooked and flavors are able to blend together nicely.

Since cream of celery soup has been one of my hold-outs from the GMO, preservative free, and artificial flavorings/colorants free lifestyle I desire, this recipe will definately be used a lot here. Thank you to The Pioneer Woman for posting her recipe online. My kids and husband appreciate it as well (even if they won't actually know the difference LOL).

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